Ipad and other updates

Ipad and other updates

So, in case you missed it, I’ve got an Ipad now. Yes, I have now leased my soul to Microsoft, Google and Apple. I hope I did count it off right, so I still have the major vote in my actions… Anyway, I am really fond of this new baby, although I am missing some things.

For instance, the way I use a device is so very different to the way Apple forces me to work. A simple example is the Safari browser. I *never* use history. In fact, I kind of hate it when browsers save my browsing history. It’s not that I’m ashamed on how the sites that I visit, but it really clogs everything. I usually use Symbaloo as my homepage and as such, I don’t need to have my bookmarks or history everywhere. However, on Safari, there is no such concept as a homepage. It just starts on whatever site you had opened the last time you closed it.


Sure, I can understand the principle. On iOS 3.2, there is no multitasking, so there is no way to check something on the web, then in some app and then back to the website without doing this. People will get annoyed if it switches back to homepage everytime. So to counter that, I stopped using the Safari app link and used Symbaloo as a homepage link in the bottom panel. Now all I need is a way to stop it from making a new tab for it each time. Suggestions? leave a comment. 🙂

Now, on to my other rant on IPad’s… Application development. It sucks. I … AM … NOT … GOING … TO … SPEND … 2K+ EURO’S … TO … BE … ABLE … TO … MAKE … A … FART … APP… ! Seriously, Apple. Get a grip on yourself. A programmer will rarely ever run a mac, because they don’t like GUI’s. They like command-promts, Terminals, etc. give us a freaking Linux or Windows Devkit and the appstore will grow rapidly.

I was actually really interested in the app development untill I found out that the only way I could ever release an app is by buying a Mac. Tough luck, Apple. I think you are missing a lot of cool apps (and thus, income) by completely ignoring a lot of people.


In other news, I’m probably going to take a course on Oracle Spatial someday soon. We’ve switched to Spatial at work and we are still somewhat lacking on detailed knowledge. We have been doing a lot of selfstudy already, but it’s always nice to get some more info from guys who know the works.