Professional Scrum Master Certified Geek.

Professional Scrum Master Certified Geek.

This summer, I got my Professional Scrum Master I certification. I’m extremely happy with this, because I absolutely love the framework. I’ve been working within the Scrum framework as a developer for some years now and when I started working for Tensing I found out two things…

First, I found out how much I love working within a Scrum team. Especially from a developers point of view, Scrum is designed to make a team self-steering and enables me to do what I do best, without constant focus loss and changes in work. Safely sitting inside the sprint coccoon I get the focus I need to do my work best.

Secondly, after finding out Tensing isn’t as far with Scrum as I would have liked, I also found out I was lacking the knowledge and skills to be able to add more Scrum values to the company.
So after a year of consideration, and testrunning a small Scrum team (3 persons) I told my boss I wanted to get some training. My boss told me I should get certified as well then.

Safe to say, I had an excelent training from Cesario Ramos, bringing me a lot of oeh’s, ah’s and in general a lot of new insights. Ofcourse I knew about the artifacts and ceremonies, but I never had a propper understanding of the why behind them. Also I started reflecting on the Scrum testrun I did and noticed a lot of lacking details. All of them because I didn’t propperly understand the why.

So soon I will try a new testrun, albeit more official, of setting up and guiding another small Scrum team. I’m really looking forward to it and I might run a few blogposts on it in due time.