NHibernate.Spatial 3.x Code Snapshot(s)

NHibernate.Spatial 3.x Code Snapshot(s)

Just a quick FYI: I added a new NHibernate.Spatial page to the site. On it is the rough current status of the project.

Today, I also added a code snapshot to it, so people can take a swing at it. If you find problems with it, please contact me either through the contact form on the side or by posting a comment below. When the NHS3 code becomes somewhat stable I will see how to get it on NHForge.

The code itself is currently hosted on my private Bitbucket repository.

Edit 25/06/2013: I’m pulling down the snapshot as the code in there is based on an old snapshot of the NHS3 code. You should really want to be using Pedro Sousa’s fork:


With some excellent posts on his blog: