A bit of rework

A bit of rework

I wasn’t really that happy with the theme as it was quite crowded and busy for the eye. I’ve been searching for a better theme for some time now and I actually gave up already and decided to build one myself.

Maybe I will do that sometime in the future, but today I found this theme and it looks a lot better in my opinion. I will also be adding a few static pages soon with info about me, contact info and such. Also I’ve started thinking on building a wordpress plugin. I have built a Joomla! plugin some time ago to create a splog as I called it. A Spatial Blog. Basically a map of the world with location based stories, log entries and such.

It’s main problem was getting everything tied into Joomla without actually editing Joomla itself. So it’s all based on conventions instead of connections and it’s semi hardcoded to work in the Netherlands. My frontside demo is still running though on http://www.zay.nl/ but I don’t know for how long. 🙂

Lastly, I’m going to work on some ASP.NET / OpenLayers projects. When that hits a certain state beyond thoughts, I’ll post some updates here. I still plan to do more regular updates here on (mainly geospatial) things I discover, create (or destroy :P)

For now I’m spending most of my development time either at work, or at the drawing board conjuring ideas.